The Alsace wines

There is a land where air, ground, sun, water and human hands are joining together for centuries to create the Alsace wine, delicate fire lighting up the glasses with a gold glitter: this land is the Ribeauvillé-Riquewihr region...

Here, the generosity of this simple word « terroir » (soil) comes in its whole fullness :

  • generosity of men who cultivate the vine and grow up the wine,
  • generosity of the ground wearing the vine, rich of the 1000 sediments of its geological history,
  • generosity of the sky and the sun who ripens the grapes,
  • at least generosity of a thousand-years old history and tradition which shaped, over the centuries, an original and authentic identity to this territory.

Here hospitality and friendliness are not empty words : natural, you can experience them, at random, on a wine path or during the visit of a wine cellar, more sophisticated, they express themselves through the incomparable flavours of the Alsatian gastronomy and its wines.
Nevertheless, ultimate and delicate modesty of the Ribeauvillé-Riquewihr region, it is not these generous soils which give their names to the Alsatian Wines, but the vines themselves.

The Alsatian vineyard: a vineyard with numerous assets

  • a favoured location for the vineyard sheltered from oceanic influences and western winds by the Vosges mountains,
  • a semi-continental climate, with particularly dry, warm and sunny summers (lowest rainfall of France),
  • an ideal sun exposure of the vineyard,
  • particularly favourable geological conditions (the vineyard covers a vast field of fracture offering an extreme variety of basements: granitic, clayey, calcareous, volcanic, sandstone, marly…).
    Those are the ingredients which, thanks to the know-how of the wine growers enriched during centuries, allow the Alsatian vineyard to produce high-quality wines.

All these conditions also favour a slow and prolonged maturation of grapes, privileging the hatching of aromas of a great delicacy and allowing the various vines to bloom and to give their best.

The wines of the Ribeauvillé-Riquewihr region : exceptional wines

The wines of the Ribeauvillé-Riquewihr region benefit from a fame which classifies them among the best wines of Alsace.
This reputation justifies itself by a microclimate (the Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr region benefits from the lowest rainfall of France) and soils of recognized exception (13 out of 51 Alsatian Grand Cru wines are situated in the Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr region), allied to a thousand-years-old wine tradition.
Furthermore, the most renowned wines of Alsace result from the “Haut-Rhin” department, where the Vosges mountain towers, protecting at the most the vineyard of the Ribeauvillé-Riquewihr region.

The harvest time

At the end of the summer, a great excitement spreads throughout the vineyard: the grapes’ harvest begins traditionally mid-September and takes place (according to the maturation of the grape) until the middle of October !
It is a very important time of the year in Alsace. It is also a privileged period to come and discover our territory !

The Alsatian vineyard, peculiarities, singularities...

Unlike what is done in the other French vineyards, it is not the soil which gives its name to the Wines (except for the Grand Cru wine - ex : Riesling Schoenenbourg) but the vines themselves (ex : Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Muscat wine, Pinot Gris).

This peculiarity brings another one : in Alsace, wines are elaborated in the cellars nested ; not in the heart of the vineyard but in the villages situated along the Alsatian Wine Route.

The Alsatian vineyard is the only French vineyard which wines are mainly white; these wines are therefore the world reference in French white wines.

The Alsatian wines, classified according to three AOC wines of Alsace (Appellations d’Origines Contrôlées), are necessarily bottled in the region of production, the Alsace region, and always presented in a typical and slender bottle : the flute of Alsace.

Consume alcohol in moderation. The abuse of alcohol can harm your health.

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