On the Alsace Wine Route, in a vineyard setting, Hunawihr is a typical Alsatian village, classified among the «Most Beautiful Villages in France».

Hunawihr was founded in the 7th century by Hunon. His wife, Hune, the saint of washerwomen,gives its name to the village. The pilgrimage of Saint Hune, who was canonized in 1520, grew up around the fountain situated at the foot of the village, the tradition claiming that she came there to wash the clothes of the poor.

Overlooking the village, the 15th/16th century Church of St Jacques le Majeur, surrounded by a fortified cemetery, has preserved an unspoiled environment, and is a good example of the unity of the Alsace region.
This Church also served as a donjon where the inhabitants could take refuge in case of attack.

This wine-producing village is composed of well established wine-growers’ houses, with little narrow courtyards opening onto the street, dating mostly from the 16th- 18th centuries.

The decoration of the wine-growers’ houses is limited to the half-timbering, the windows frames and the gate.
As for the mansions, which were generally built in the 19th century, the decoration is much more demonstrative.
Nevertheless the building materials remain the same across the time : flat scale tiles , white or coloured (by an oxide) roughcast protecting a cob made up of clay and horse hair melted; oak, beech, fir beams skilfully laid.

You can explore this village by taking an historic walk (information available at the Tourist Office).

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Hunawihr nestled in the vineyard Fountain and church fortified hunawihr Window filled with geraniums Fountain in the heart of Hunawihr Typical half-timbered house Geraniums in Alsace Town council of Hunawihr Church overlooking the village of Hunawihr Church in the vineyard Church Hunawihr and vineyard in autumn colors
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