Known as the Cradle of Pinot Noir, Rodern is a charming wine-producing village, dominating the Plain of Alsace, situated just off the ‘Route des Vins’.

Rodern has many traditional old houses, some half-timbered (from the 16th - 18th centuries) framing little lanes - in which nestle - courtyards and wine cellars bearing a date or an emblem.

On a terrace supported by heavy fortifications, the beautiful parish church raises its square bell tower made out of Vosges sandstone (14th century) and its vaulted chancel of late Gothic style (16th century). It has preserved inside a pulpit and an altar (1760) of baroque style, and an exceptional whole of liturgical clothing (datation estimated : 1770).

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Rodern nestled in a valley The steeple of the church emerges Rodern vines Rodern in holiday attire Half-timbering and geranium, traditionnal Alsace Rodern famous Pinot Black Town council of Rodern Rodern the heart of a vineyard The vineyard Rodern in its autumn finery The vineyard and the village of Rodern Snowy landscape around Rodern
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