Village situated in the heart of the vineyards, that belonged to the town of Bergheim within the possessions of the Habsbourgs, then given to the Ribeaupierre's fiefdom, Rorschwihr is composed of modest wine-growers’ houses with the wine-cellar on the ground floor and the lodgings on the first floor.

A large estate, the «Meyerhof» situated in the lower part of the village, formerly an abbey, as recorded from the 12th century, contains buildings which were rebuilt in the 18th century : big passage buildings onto the street that shelter outbuildings, lofts and dwellings, (dating from 1710), a cellar, surmounted by a storey added in 1910, has been built very close to it.

A 13th century choir tower sits aloft the Church of St Michel (1837) which contains a wooden pulpit, carved to a high quality, and a beautiful gothic stone crucifix.

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Church steeple Rorschwihr Rorschwihr, the vineyards Church of Rorschwihr Fountain Square Church, Rorschwihr Rorschwihr at the foot of the vineyard Rorschwihr nestled in the vineyard Floral ornaments Rorschwihr vineyard in autumn colors The Maierhof, former court Rorschwihr Rorschwihr and the plain of Alsace
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